Joanna Nixon is an Illustrator and Photographer living in Melbourne, Australia. 

Her current series explores the essence of femininty with connections to nature and the universe. Her pieces are introspective and reflect themes of sexuality, fashion and still life studies. 

Each artwork is carefully hand drawn using pen and ink with added touches of watercolour and digital colouring. The drawings are created using either simplistic line or an intricate technique called 'pointillism' which is the accumulation of thousands of tiny dots by hand to make a rendered image. This requires skill, concentration and most of all time. So many tiny dots!

Ever the night owl, Jo can be found working late into the evening immersing herself deep into the work. Often hours at a time working on a piece, it is there in that space that she finds herself most creative.

Joanna is now available for commissions. Feel free to get in touch

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